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The Future of the Boardroom

21/06/2016 0

Technology is changing the entire world we live in. From medical devices to the way we consume media, technology is impacting almost all aspects of our lives. Some of the biggest changes are taking place in the boardroom. Business is being made more efficient and more effective by technological advances. Since joining Sight & Sound…

Best Buys – Portable Projector

06/08/2015 0

Roll up, roll up and witness the first in our series of blogs. Every month you can look forward to Sight and Sound’s recommendations on a variety of products ranging from projectors (including home cinema projectors) to interactive Whiteboards and interactive displays. For our first month we will be concentrating on portable projectors:

Low cost projector and value for money

19/03/2014 0

Low cost projectors. Are you really saving the money? Many of us are looking for a better, bigger and more immersive experience when it comes to watching movies, favorite sport or playing video games. The obvious choice for many is to buy a projector. Some will go a step further and add an electric screen…