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Clevertouch Pro for Enterprise

Clevertouch Pro

The Clevertouch Pro is a highly versatile interactive touchscreen that can be used in a wide variety of professional settings including boardrooms, reception areas, hospitals, universities, conferencing rooms and collaborative areas

Every Clevertouch comes with the award winning Snowflake software, CleverLynx and CleverMaths

Clevertouch Features:

Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreen 10 point Touch
Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreen Built in Speakers

20 Finger Touch

30 smooth multitouch, gestures and writing available

Internal Speakers

Get the most from your presentation with the powerful 2x 12 Watt built in speakers. No need for expensive external speakers

Full HD Display

Experience more colour, better contrast and superb resolution with an Full HD Display from the Clevertouch Plus Range.

Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreen Andriod OS
Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreen Wifi
Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreen LUX software

Android Operating System

The built in Android OS has a number of beneficial features including wireless presentation, whiteboarding app, browser, built in storage and lightweight video conferencing through Stage.

Integrated Wifi

Use the integrated wifi with easy to download the latest and greatest apps from the Cleverstore.

LUX Software

LUX is the most advanced user interface ever built into a large-format interactive touchscreen. Every part of LUX is dedicated to giving you the best possible experience

Which Clevertouch for me?

Not sure which Clevertouch best suits your needs? Check out this handy link below