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Focus Touch P10 Interactive Touchscreen

This full HD multi touch display features a superior image quality, a perfect viewing angle and a great sound. With the built-in camera and microphone, you can easily hold meetings, even at distance. Show and tell with the Focus Touch P10. Suitable for many applications in the office or in the classroom. Or run interactive presentations, anything goes with this interactive touch display.

It is easy to operate and very intuitive. It is just like your tablet or smartphone, just a little bigger.

The P10 is available in 3 large sizes: 55, 70 and 82 inch screens.

Project your content easily and wirelessly onto the display from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Focus Touch – The new standard in large interactive touchscreens

Focus Touch Features:

Focus Touch Interactive Touchscreen Full HD
Interactive Touchscreen Build in Speakers
Interactive Touchscreen 10 point touch

Full HD Display

Samsung Full HD anti-reflective display gives you a crystal image

Internal Speakers

Get the most from your presentation with the powerful 2x 30 Watt internal speakers

10 Finger Touch

The Focus Touch P10 allows for up to 10 separate touches simultaneously

Interactive Touchscreen Built in Camera and Microphone
Interactive Touchscreen Precision Touch
Interactive Display Warranty

Biult in Camera and Microphone

Use Video conferencing software with the Focus Touch’s built in camera and microphone

Precision Touch

Use the Focus Touch with confidence because of it’s precision touch

3 Year Onsite Guarantee

A 3 Year Onsite guarantee available with the Focus Touch allows you to have piece of mind. We’ll be there to support you

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