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Montage – Wireless Presentation Solution

A wireless presentation system that connects multiple attendees to a main meeting room display fast and efficiently – it’s as simple as connecting to your Wi-Fi. Any attendee can bring their content to the fore with a simple click or swipe.

With the Montage Wireless Presentation System ‘passing presenter control’ becomes a thing of the past, everyone’s contribution is available as and when it’s required.

With file sharing and annotation capabilities, the meeting actually ends when the meeting ends – eliminating follow up reporting, note taking and updated content distribution.

Wireless Presentation with Montage eliminates the need for follow up reporting, note taking and distributing updated content.

With Montage Wireless Presentation by Displaynote you can be IN the meeting not just AT the meeting.

Why Use the Montage Wireless Presentation and Collabration System?

Montage Wireless Presentation
Montage Communicate
Remote Wireless Presentation
Montage one click presentation

Wireless Presentation

Up to 6 attendees can simultaneously connect to a session, sharing and contributing equally.


Screen Share and live-stream multiple screens to the main display and communicate at the same time via video and voice

In Room and World Wide

Wireless presentation in-room or across the world – unite everyone in collaboration using the dedicated Windows application or via their web browser.

Active Display

With one-click, any attendee can go full screen on the main display and become the ‘presenter at the centre.

Montage File Sharing
Montage Wireless
Montage Annotate

File Share

No need to leave Montage to share content directly, share files between attendees and from the main display.


Password & PIN protected access and full enterprise level encryption for all attendees (in-room or remote). Attendees are in full control of what they choose to share.


Stop searching for and passing cables – a wireless presentation system that allows meeting attendees to share their screens easily.


Add emphasis to content and expand on ideas and presentations with the built-in annotation tools.