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BrightSign Networked Digital Signage

Show the world your identity! Events, retail, reception areas and anywhere else you can think of!

Brightsign Digital Signage Family

Brightsign XD1033 Digital Signage Player

BrightSign XD delivers superior technology for advanced digital signage applications, including a powerful 4K video decoding engine that supports all the technology standards of the True 4K ecosystem: H.265-encoded native 4K content at 60fps, CEA HDR10 and HDMI 2.0a for stunning picture quality. It is also capable of 4K upscaling and dual decoding two 1080p60 videos at once. All models include Gigabit Ethernet and over a hardware-accelerated HTML5 engine with advanced performance.

Brightsign XD1033 Digital Signage Player

Brightsign HD1023 Digital Signage Player

BrightSign HD models are ideal for mainstream Full HD and HTML5 applications that require high reliability and ease of use. All models offer H.265 decoding, HTML5 rendering with mainstream performance, and Gigabit Ethernet. Robust interactive controls, live content features, BrightWall and Mosaic Mode make this set of players a perfect fitt for a wide range of applications.

Bightsign HD1023 Digital Signage Player

Brightsign LS423 Digital Signage Player

The small form-factor, commercial-grade BrightSign LS423 is fully featured to run circles around the competition. Network connected and featuring H.265 1080p60 video playback, entry-level HTML5 support and USB interactivity, this model is perfect for simple streaming applications and large deployments of common content.

Brightsign LS423 Digital Signage Player

Focus Kiosk Digital Signage


The Focus Kiosk is an interactive information kiosk with integrated 55 “LED touch display, and PC speakers. This modern and robust column is provided with WiFi connectivity and can be used anywhere. The display is easy to operate with precise dual touch technology. Inspire your visitor, tell your colleagues, present your collection and create an additional outlet. It’s all possible with the Kiosk!

Touch Display

The integrated touchscreen uses infrared dual touch technology and is equipped with special kiosk software. This software allows easy use of the Kiosk to display any content such as games, PDF files, photos and videos.The screen may be independently mounted or be part of a network of monitors.


  •  Comes with a modern aluminum casing as standard
  •   An array of colours to choose from
  •   Your name and logo can be edged onto the glass