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Visualisers for Education

Bring lessons to life with a high quality in stunning detail with user-friendly visualisers

Classroom Document Cameras

With remote learning becoming a major consideration for educators Sight and Sound are pleased to present a variety of high quality, cost effective and easy to use classroom visualisers.

A visualiser, or document camera, is simply a digital camera fixed on the end of a flexible arm. The camera is placed above the material that you share with your students. Visualisers can connect to your laptop or PC via USB. HDMI and VGA connections allow educators to connect a visualiser directly to a projector, monitor or interactive display too.

Using a remote learning platform like Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Citrix GoToMeeting with a visualiser helps teachers engage their students, no matter where they may be.

The key features for visualisers for education are:

  • Excellent Image Quality – Crystal clear images with Full HD 1080p output
  • Smooth Content Capture – Up to 30fps capture displays every tiny movement flawlessly
  • Optical/Digital Zoom – Perfect for display 2D and 3D material up close
  • Auto Focus – The auto focus features, means that when you place an object underneath the camera, the visualiser recognises this and automatically focuses in on the object keeping the image sharp
  • Video Recording – convenient to record training sessions, meetings, seminars, lectures with annotation