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Projector Lamps

Need a lamp fast!? At Sight and Sound we endeavour to keep all major brands of projector lamps in stock and can usually deliver within 2 days!

We provide many brands of projector lamps

    BenQ Lamps
    Hitachi Lamps
    NEC Lamps
    Panasonic Lamps
    Promethean Lamps
    Sanyo Lamps
    And Many More….

If your projector manufacturer isn’t on the list please give us a call on 012953020 or click below. Be sure to ask us if your lamp qualifies for a 12 month warranty!

Request Lamp Price How to Replace Lamp

If you need further assistance with replacing your projector lamps or would be more comfortable having Sight and Sound replacing your lamp please get in touch as this is a service that we are happy to provide

What are Projector Lamps

A projector lamp is a special bulb fixed into a housing module, that allows your projector to display the picture.

The lamp is the whole unit assembled in sterile conditions of the lamp factory and it is a ready-to-use module requiring minimum technical knowledge when replacing old-for-new in your projector. A naked bulb is the delicate light source component that is highly susceptible to damage.

The bulb has to be replaced into the existing housing first and then the module can be installed into the projector. Due to the nature of the bulbs, it is recommended that specialists only replace these, as it is extremely common for the bulbs to shatter and stain when handled without due care.

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