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Installation and Portable PA Systems

MIPRO Portable PA System

MIPRO is a global portable wireless public address systems leader. The versatile MIPRO range is internationally renowned for its innovation, high-performance,proven reliability and crystal-clear sound quality for small to large size venues.MA-101 Fixed-Frequency Personal Wireless and MA101a Personal Wireless PA SystemsThese compact and highly efficient PA systems are the best solution for any small outdoor/indoor event where good quality announcements are required.They are hand carried and, shoulder strapped or can be set on a flat surface or microphone stand.

Mipro Portable PA Systems

Mipro Portable PA System

PA Systems

TOA Series A2000 Amplifiers

This high quality and powerful PA systems’ amplifiers range is ideal for school halls, large meeting rooms, places of worship, restaurants, factories and many more!They are designed to deliver high performance crystal clear performance on a wide frequency response with minimum noise and distortion.

When would I use it?

Ideal installations are large schools, places of worship, large corporate and educational rooms, shops, restaurants, factories and any large venues requiring quality announcements.

Which of the Series do I need?

Let us know what type and size venue you need the PA system for and we will match the ideal one to you. We will assess your requirements, take into account the architecture of the room you are looking to put the system in and offer you the best solution!

TOA A2000 Brochure