Audio Visual Solutions

Each sector has it’s own unique Audio Visual Technology requirements however one thing remains consistent, we all want a solution that is reliable and suits our needs. At Sight and Sound our goal is give our customers across Ireland, Audio Visual solutions that work when you what them to work, that fulfil your requirements and that don’t break the bank

Corporate and Business

We understand the importance of staying connected in your business, whether it is with your colleagues or your customers. We have an eager team waiting to help your business reach its full potential through Audio Visual Technologies. Don’t let physical distance stand in your way, with our Video Conferencing solutions you can reach anyone, anywhere with a few simple clicks.

Keep everyone up-to-date with your products and services through Digital Signage, easily updated and eye catching interactive displays, simple large format commercial displays or more striking full video walls, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Schools & Special Needs

Teaching is forever changing and adapting, don’t get stuck in past check out what is available to you.

We have a range of reliable interactive displays. Forget the hassle of markers and chalk, capture students attention with new and innovative methods of learning with access to educational apps and more through smart features available on a range of interactive displays.

We offer a wide range of high quality reliable projectors suitable for any classroom, hall or anywhere else you can dream of. The noisy hustle and bustle of school life can be matched with our outstanding PA solutions, completely adaptable to your schools needs. Never again strain your voice to get the attention of the eager students.

University and Colleges

Our team has extensive experience in creating innovative solutions suited for third level institutions. The transition to online learning has allowed our team to take into consideration the importance of inclusion for all students that are in attendance and those online.

Our goal is to create an environment that for online learning that delivers the same quality as live lectures and classes. Having access to these Audio Visual solutions in place allows for a more accessible form of learning and a chance to reach more students than previously possible.

We work closely with each institution to understand your needs and provide the best possible solution for you.


Our team are always delighted to get involved in creative projects. Allow us to provide eye catching displays that will make your product stand out from the crowd. With the use of high quality Projection or stunning Video Walls we can bring your products to life.


We understand the pressures that come with working in hospitality, furthermore we understand the desire effective and efficient equipment. Luckily for you that is exactly what we offer.

From large format displays to projection to wireless presentation then top it all off you can oversee of all these at the touch of a button with room control. There are enough challenges that occur throughout the day, we aim to remove the challenge surrounding Audio Visual Technologies.

Home Cinema

Thinking of bringing the big screen home? Get the popcorn ready because Sight & Sound have got the answer for you.

With our home cinema installation, each set up is completely customizable to the space and requirements of each home. We can work with any space to deliver Hollywood’s biggest stars to your home with high quality projection and surround sound you will feel as though you have entered the wonderful world of film.

Audio Visual Technologies

Interactive Displays

  • 4K UHD Resolution

  • Available in 65″, 75″ and 86″

  • Built in Operating Systems

  • Powerful features included as standard


  • Large High Resolution Content

  • Perfect for Boardrooms, Lecture Theaters, School Halls and Large Venue

  • 360° Installations with Laser Projectors

  • Highly Adaptable Solutions for Retail

Video Conferencing

  • High Quality USB Speakerphones

  • 4K and HD Video Conferencing Cameras

  • All in One Videobar Solutions

  • Teams and Zoom Room Solutions

Digital Signage Solutions

  • High Quality 4K Media Players

  • Large Format 4k Commercial Displays

  • Easy to Use Features for Creating Content

  • Suitable for Retail, Corporate Settings and Hospitality

Wireless Presentation and Collaboration

  • User Friendly Technology

  • Wireless, Plug and Play Solutions

  • No Installation Required

  • Elevate Presentations and Collaboration

Audio Equipment and PA Systems

  • Battery Powered Portable PA Systems

  • High Quality Lecture Hall and Auditorium Solutions

  • Efficient and Effective Solutions for School or Community Halls

  • Tailored Solutions for Every Situations

Our Audio Visual Technology Partners

Let’s Make Things Happen

“At National College of Ireland we have engaged with Sight and Sound Distributors for approximately ten years. Over the course of that time we have implemented a large number of systems which would come under the umbrella of education. These systems not only enabled us to better manage our environment in a practical hands on every day delivery of services, but also helped in other ways such as ease of use, system standardization resulting in less end user training and also reducing our carbon foot print. The professional and practical experience that the team at Sight and Sound bring to the table from a solutions perspective is of the highest calibre.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sight and Sound as the quality of service they provide before, during and after system implementation is excellent.

Frank Flynn

National College of Ireland

Sight and Sound Audio Visual Home