Transform your training courses with Qwizdom audience response technology and software applications. Our complete business training solution bundles 3 software applications, Actionpoint, Answer Key, and Survey Bar, with an online response app or set of response keypads. Utilize your existing presentations by adding interactive questions in seconds, making it simple to use and quick to set up. Conduct paperless evaluations with ease while quickly recording scores necessary for certification.

Easy-to-Use Training Software

Create interactive presentations, using Qwizdom Actionpoint. Send questions to participant remotes or smart devices, to gather and store data. Using a PowerPoint® Plug-In you can ask up to 11 different question types, depending on the handset.

Certification Tests

Instantly grade certification tests using Qwizdom Answer Key software and response technology. You can choose to allow participants to work through the test jointly, alternatively at their own pace on paper tests. Results are collected and can be exported post-session. As well as test results you can gather important opinions, such as general understanding of the topic & feedback on the lesson.

Corporate Hire

Use Qwizdom’s Audience Polling System at your next event, conference, or training to involve your audience, gather instant feedback, gauge opinion, share ideas and add excitement. With over 30 years of industry experience, Qwizdom solutions offer more reliability than other companies. Durable and timeless polling keypads or an online polling app, can capture audience opinions in seconds. Software designed for simplicity, and compatible with your favourite application, makes Qwizdom the number 1 choice.

We will help find a solution that meets your budget. Hiring a Qwizdom Facilitator means full on-site support, pre-event support and post-event reporting.

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