Qwizdom offers a range of products to help you to transform your classroom into a rapid learning environment. Each solution are designed to help teachers make informed decisions and tailor instruction to meet the needs of students. The software, curriculum, and student response systems support an interactive and engaging environment that can be quickly implemented to increase participation, provide immediate data feedback, and, most importantly, accelerate and improve comprehension and learning.

Teachers benefit from the instant feedback capabilities of our Qwizdom Response Tools. With real-time reporting, teachers can gauge which learning standards need further study, as well as which concepts and skills have been mastered during an instructional period. The immediacy of feedback improves student learning, and also allows the teacher to analyse results and, if necessary, revise instructional plans and methods to meet the needs of the classroom. With the instant reporting features of the Qwizdom Response Solution, including visually attractive graphs and the ability to print reports for further analysis, teachers can modify instruction as it is happening.