Roll up, roll up and witness the first in our series of blogs. Every month you can look forward to Sight and Sound’s recommendations on a variety of products ranging from projectors (including home cinema projectors) to interactive Whiteboards and interactive displays.

For our first month we will be concentrating on portable projectors:

Optoma DX342 Portable Projector

Looking for a bright lightweight projector? No problem, the Optoma DX342 is the last word is low cost high spec portable projectors. Bright enough to be adaptable for most scenarios the 3000 lumens enables you to project high quality content even in bright rooms.

Portable Projectors

Interested in this model? It’s on sale for the month of August. Click the button below for more information:

Portable Projectors

Hitachi CP-DX250 Portable Projector

Hitachi is a very trusted name in the world of projectors. This portable projector has great spec and comes in under 600 euro! Enjoy 2500 lumen brightness from a projector you can throw in a bag and bring anywhere

Optoma X304M Portable Projector

This ultra portable projector stands head and shoulders above any of the other ultra portable projectors available out there. Where the Optoma X304M dimensions (220 x 178 x 71 W x D x H mm) it’s specification that makes it stand out compared to other models.

portable projectors

Without going into particular models, most common ultra portable projectors have a brightness of between 300 and 600 lumens, however the X304M has an amazing 3000 lumens! Small enough to fit in your laptop bag, bright enough to be used in most rooms the Optoma X304M is the ultimate in ultra potable projector while also not breaking the bank