Clevertouch IMPACT Plus for Education

Clevertouch leads the way in the classroom, with the dedicated educational App store making our screens an excellent resource straight out-of-the-box

The brand new LUX user interface is the most advanced interface ever built into a large-format interactive touchscreen.

LUX makes the Clevertouch a beautiful, intuitive experience through expertly designed touch controls, familiar to any owner of a modern smartphone or tablet.

Not only does LUX put you in complete control of our screens, it also gives you the power of small-screen Apps on a huge display – perfect for teaching or sharing. Whether it’s our focused range of Business Apps or our unique dedicated educational Cleverstore every Clevertouch makes you productive right out of the box.

The Clevertouch IMPACT Plus arrives with the industry leading Snowflake software, CleverLynx and CleverMaths

Clevertouch Features:

Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreen 10 point Touch
Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreen Built in Speakers

20 Finger Touch

Superglide 20 point multi-touch, gestures and intuitive writing is perfect for the classroom

Internal Speakers and Subwoofer

Ensure all your students can hear your lesson with 2x 15W speakers and a powerful sub woofer. No need for expensive external speakers

4K Resolution Display

Experience more colour, better contrast and superb resolution with a 4K UHD Display from the Clevertouch IMPACT Pro.

Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreen Andriod OS
Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreen Wifi
Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreen LUX software

Android Operating System

The Cleverstore can dramatically alter your classroom dynamic. From storytelling to making maths more visual, apps make learning interactive and fun only using the on board Android OS.

Integrated Wifi

Browse the internet using the built in browser or upload your lessons to Cloud services such as Google Drive and One Drive.

LUX Software

LUX is the most advanced user interface ever built into a large-format interactive touchscreen. Every part of LUX is dedicated to giving you the best possible classroom experience


The Cleverstore is the first of its kind, and only available on the Clevertouch Plus and Plus 4K. It is a free, dedicated educational App store where all apps (even those from familiar developers with big-name licenses) have had all advertising and in-app purchases removed, allowing educators to use them in the classroom with confidence.

The range of Apps is growing rapidly, and we have also committed to providing resources for educators to use alongside the apps to compliment and enhance the learning experience

For more information on the Cleverstore please click below