Social Distance Office Equipment – Helping you get back to work

With the world getting ready to get back to work it is essential that transitioning back to office life can be done in a safe way. With that in mind, Sight and Sound presents social distance equipment in from Smit Visual and Outform. These solutions are designed and manufactured with in the Netherlands and Germany, respectively, and delivered to the Irish market by Sight and Sound.

iDISPLAY Thermometer

As we continue to find innovative ways to do our part in flattening the curve, Outform’s non-contact infrared thermometers will enable our customers to invite users back in stores, schools, and work, in a safe way.

Powered by the world’s leading infrared thermopile arrays known as the Heimann Sensor, iDISPLAY Thermometer is a touchless, frictionless, and, most importantly, accurate method to measure temperature. Within a matter of two seconds the iDISPLAY thermometer is reads body temperatures and alert users if they have a fever.

The iDISPLAY Thermometer comes with a number of mounting options including floor-standing, countertop and wall mounted solutions. There are also some extras available such as hand sanitizer kit and an automatic ticket dispenser.

The iDisplay is perfect for Shopping Centers, schools, retail, government building, gyms and offices


When users have a temperature reading higher than 37.8° Celcius, an alarm will sound to alert the user that they have a fever


The facial recognition technology will measure temperature even if the user is wearing a mask


iDISPLAY Thermometer can be synced with automatic doors, or ticketing systems to restrict entry access to people who have a fever.


The world’s leading technology in infrared thermopile arrays, the Heimann Sensor can accurately and rapidly detect temperatures of users within two feet of the Thermometer

Desk Dividers

Work together safely with plexiglass divider screens with wooden bases or desk clamps. Using desk dividers from the Chameleon social distance office equipment range enables employees to safely return to their desks. Plexiglass desk dividers are also perfect for boardrooms and conference rooms.

This desk divider system is modular so it can be made to fit your requirements. The basic kit contains one plexiglass screen and 2 “T” shaped wooden feet or 2 desk clamps. The screens and wooden feet or desk clamps can be ordered separately. The feet are also available in a “L” and “X” shape. This system is simple and quick to assemble and disassemble and has a very stable design.

The plexiglass desk dividers range comes in 3 different sizes:

  • 58x75cm (HxW)
  • 58x120cm (HxW)
  • 58x160cm (HxW)

  • Partition Walls

    Work together safely with Partition walls. Using Chameleon social distance office equipment, workspaces can be separated from areas where there is heavy foot traffic.

    This partition system is modular so it can be made to fit your requirements. The basic kit contains one partition screen and 2 steel feet to allow the wall to be freestanding. Additional screens can be added as needed. This system is lightweight, yet sturdy, and easy to construct.

    These partition walls can be set up in a cross configuration to separate 4 desks.

    The plexiglass desk dividers range comes in 2 different sizes:

  • 180x120cm (HxW)
  • 140x120cm (HxW)
  • Social Distance Office Equipment - Partition Wall

    Portable Plexiglass Screens

    Create a safe layout quickly with the portable plexiglass screen. These screens are lightweight and easy to move around and are perfect for a flexible workspace or canteen. The portable screen comes with 4 wheels equipped with brakes to secure the screen in place.

    The portable plexiglass screen ranges comes in 2 different sizes:

  • 190x80cm (HxW)
  • 190x126cm (HxW)
  • Social Distance Office Equipment - Portable Plexiglass Screen