Interactive Displays 

Sight and Sound have over 65 years delivering solutions that keep our customers happy!

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent quality interactive displays to our clients. We understand the importance of engaging and captivating visual experiences in today’s competitive market. We go above and beyond to offer the latest cutting-edge technology from Clevertouch and iiyama to enable our clients to create immersive and impactful presentations. Our team of experts provides comprehensive support and assistance, from installation to ongoing maintenance, ensuring that our clients receive a top-notch service.

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Our Favourite Interactive Displays 

Clevertouch UX Pro 2


Introducing the dynamic and impressive Clevertouch UX Pro 2, a perfect solution for hybrid meetings, Zoom rooms and Microsoft Teams rooms. Additionally, this product allows you to meet in huddle spaces, meeting rooms, or have colleagues call in remotely with no wires or waiting. Therefore, facilitating the ability to share content from any device, on any platform. While also allowing the user to access all the programs, software and apps that the business relies on. Above all, the Clevertouch UX Pro 2 increases productivity  and makes meetings more fluid and seamless. Furthermore, the Clevertouch UX Pro is easy to use and provides an all in one solution to making the most of corporate meetings!

The TE7512MIS-B1AG from iiyama inspires all possibilities in all stages for education, start-up and large-scale businesses. With the hybrid interactive solution, you can smoothly annotate in 4K and control any content on the display from any source.

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