Interactive Displays for Education

For more than 18 years Sight and Sound have brought you the latest in innovation in Interactive Technologies. From the early days of the interactive whiteboards to today’s cutting edge 4K interactive displays, Sight and Sound have been at the forefront of these technologies enabling our educators to deliver lessons effectively from cystral clear video and audio and through collaboration

We understand that different clients have different needs, so we give you an extensive range of quality brands of interactive technology to choose from. With our expert knowledge in this field we will guide you on your way to the best solutions for your needs. All options feature our most advanced technology for exceptional performance, collaboration and ease of use. You focus on teaching we’ll focus on technology for a seemless Lecture Hall, Auditorium or Classroom

interactive displays for education

Clevertouch IMPACT Plus Interactive Display

Built specifically for the demanding school, college and university environment, the Clevertouch Plus is built without compromise. An all metal frame, 4mm safety glass, and a 5 year de-install/re-install warranty guarantees your Clevertouch Plus will be enhancing your classroom for many years.

If you’re new to touchscreens for teaching you’ll be amazed as pupils of any age experience no learning curve interacting with the Clevertouch, and any child familiar with apps on smartphones and tablets can immediately engage with our integrated Cleverstore – the only advert-free and cost-free educational app store.

Teacher-friendly features such as full internet access, child-proof screen lock, intuitive file management and common-sense connectivity leave Clevertouch at both the front of the classroom, and at the fore-front of learning.

Clevertouch IMPACT Plus

Optoma Interactive Flat Panel Display

Optoma Interactive Display

Optoma’s multi-touch interactive flat panels boast 4K UHD resolution and a 20-point touch-enabled display, bringing lessons and idea sharing to life in education and corporate settings.

Available in 65’’, 75’’ and 86’’ sizes and featuring anti-glare glass, a blue light filter and a wide viewing angle, they reduce eye strain while providing crisp and vivid visuals to every seat in the room.

A built-in cloud drive provides easy access to Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Features include extensive connectivity, content sharing and a ready-to-use whiteboard pack with pre-installed annotation tools

iiyama Interactive 4K UHD Touchscreen

The iiyama Prolite range is a perfect solution for educational use. The Prolite range starts at 32″ full HD and goes all the way to 86″ Ultra UD (4K).

These high quality interactive displays offer a crystal clear 4K UHD image, high contrast and an anti glare coating make getting your lesson across to your students seemless.

With a number of easy to use features such as a whiteboarding app, web browser, file manager, cloud drives, WPS office and ScreenSharePro built in, the prolite enables collaboration in your learning environment

Share, stream and edit content from any device directly on screen and transform your lessons. Easy to use and intuitive the iiyama Prolite is perfect for Lecture Halls, Auditoriums and Classrooms of any size

iiyama Interactive Display

Epson EB-685Wi Interactive Projector Bundle

This Epson interactive bundle is an innovative pen-interactive teaching solution with a large 83 inch Smit Visual screen and high quality classroom speakers, designed to enhance collaborative learning. An intuitive cable management connection box keeps the classroom tidy. No more trip hazards and no more nests of messy cables. The Epson WiFi dongle allows wirelessly connectivity from Android and Apple devices. Utilising this feature promotes collaboration in the classtoom.

What’s Included?

  • Epson EB-685Wi Interactive Projector
  • 83″ Smit Visual UST Matte White Whiteboard
  • WiFi Dongle for Wireless Presentation
  • Epson Classroom Speakers
  • Control Box
  • Spare Lamp
  • 5 Year On Site Warranty

Key Features

  • Hassle-free interactive presenting
  • Enhanced connectivity
  • Large scale interactive presenting
  • No reflections
  • Unrestricted viewing
  • Gentle on the eye

eBeam Edge+ Series

eBeam Edge+

The most versatile interactive whiteboard device on the market for use with any regular projection. Attach the eBeam unit to a whiteboard, connect to you laptop or PC and start collaborating. Simple as that.

Bring any lesson to life with the eBeam Edge+ Interactive kit. Annotate over web pages, resize images and draw freehand in vibrant color. Bring your students to the board to explore a fun interactive workspace.

Designed to work with your existing equipment. This is an excellent way to make your classroom interactive without having to purchase all new expensive equipment. Reuse you existing projector, whiteboard and speakers.