Here at Sight and Sound we are committed to providing the highest possible service to our client. One of the services we provide that sets us apart from other audio visual companies are AV Audits.

An AV Audit includes:

Projector Service

Projector cleaning
Removal and cleaning of filters
Filter timer reset
Check projector inputs
Check projector cabling
Projector Alignment
Check projector lamp life*

IWB Service

Software and Firmware updates
Check all cabling

projector service
projector service

Audio Service

Check audio quality
Volume tests
Speaker tests
Microphone test

Software Analysis

We will check the version of software to ensure you are running the latest and greatest software available. If you have an older version of Windows (or similar) we can suggest the best version of software for you to use.

Once one of our engineers has carried out an AV Audit you will receive a full report of your equipment and recommendations of preventative measures to ensure that your classroom equipment never breaks down.

Why choose a Projector Service with Sight and Sound:

  • Over 20 years working with Primary, Secondary and Third Level schools
  • We are Nationwide
  • Expert advice in preventative maintenance methods to get the longest out of your equipment