Technology is changing the entire world we live in. From medical devices to the way we consume media, technology is impacting almost all aspects of our lives. Some of the biggest changes are taking place in the boardroom. Business is being made more efficient and more effective by technological advances. Since joining Sight & Sound some 10 months ago, I have been constantly amazed by not only the products that are a part of our product line, but also all of the advancements in the industry. It’s safe to say that these technologies are going to revolutionise both how major corporations do business with one another, but also how their employees do business on a day to day business.

My experience in the audio visual industry was extremely limited before I joined Sight & Sound. I had used projectors and screens while doing presentations in college, but I never really appreciated the amount of work that goes into just installing one of these units. From learning the difference between a HDMI and a VGA to getting to grips with 82” Focus Touch interactive whiteboards, the short time spent with Sight & Sound has been eye opening. I wasn’t in boardrooms during the boom or the downturn, but I see them almost every day now and I can only imagine how inefficient meetings etc were during a time before annotation technology and wireless presentation. Of course business was done the right way back then, but it is so much more efficient and effective now. Below are some of the products that are changing the future of the boardroom.

Montage Wireless Presentation from Display Note

Displaynote Montage

The Montage is a presentation tool that I believe every boardroom in the country needs. The boardroom of the past was limited by cables, HDMI & VGA leads. If someone had to take control or show different content from a different laptop, the meeting would be disrupted by the passing of cables and the readjusting of the entire room. Montage is a wireless presentation tool that allows seamless collaboration between up to six meeting attendees. The Montage allows meetings to flow seamlessly and with the added benefit of annotation & saving capabilities, the days of asking for meeting notes are coming to an end. The Montage is very much a tool that is a must for any business that is looking to make their meetings more efficient.

Epson EB 585WI Interactive Projector

Epson EB 585WI Interactive Projector

Projectors have been part of the boardroom for a long time. Most would argue that the technology hasn’t developed much since they first started appearing in meeting rooms and lecture halls all over the country. The Epson EB 585WI is one projector that is changing the way projectors are viewed in the boardroom. Epson has a history of developing high quality products and the EB 585WI is no different. The high quality image, 6000 lamp hours and no warm-up time are what you would expect from a normal Epson projector, but the EB 585WI offers so much more. Firstly, it has wireless capabilities that allow numerous presenters to display various content and collaborate. Think how much more efficient meetings and presentations can be with this technology. The real beauty of this projector is the pen that comes with it. This special pen allows the user to write on the screen, highlight different areas and draw attention to certain areas on the screen. I have seen how easy this projector is to use and I couldn’t be more impressed with how the technology being used in projectors is beginning to develop.

The Montage Wireless Presentation System and the Epson EB 585WI Interactive Projector are just two examples of the products that I have come across during my time at Sight & Sound. I am constantly amazed at how technology is helping businesses and boardrooms become more productive and efficient. I can only imagine what the meeting room of the future will look like. From wireless presentation to room control, the AV industry is experiencing some incredible growth and innovation. I’m sure there will be some people who believe that boardrooms etc are fine just the way they are, but a quick look at some of the products coming through should help to change their mind. Large corporations and SMB’s are always looking for a source of competitive advantage, a productive, efficient meeting room could be just the ticket for such an advantage.