Well the title is blatantly plagiarized from from WePresent’s website so I might as well just link to their own blog post (below) and really avoid the blogging work

The blog post is witty and pretty unforgettable in it’s own right but to be serious for a second (I promise), we regularly use the WePresent in our boardtoom, it’s incredible easy to use and even least technically savvy of our team (who will remain nameless…Frank) can use 90% of the features with little or no hassle. What we like most about the WePresent is how tidy and professional our boardroom appears. Prior to the arrival of our WePresent our presentations always seemed a little ungainly because we would need a long cable to stretch to the boardroom table or have our laptops closer to the Focus Touch (multi touch interactive monitor) . Now we can present effortlessly, with any number of devices, in a very impressive and professional way