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Clevertouch UX Pro

Introducing the dynamic and impressive Clevertouch UX Pro, a perfect solution for hybrid meetings, Zoom rooms and Microsoft Teams rooms. Additionally, this product allows you to meet in huddle spaces, meeting rooms, or have colleagues call in remotely with no wires or waiting. Therefore, facilitating the ability to share content from any device, on any platform. While also allowing the user to access all the programs, software and apps that the business relies on. Above all, the Clevertouch UX Pro increases productivity  and makes meetings more fluid and seamless. Furthermore, the Clevertouch UX Pro is easy to use and provides an all in one solution to making the most of corporate meetings! Finally, see below for some impressive and state of the art features.

  • Stage Light Conferencing – Firstly, this feature provides collaborative and premium meeting Software
  • Clevershare – Secondly, the Clevershare is a dynamic screen mirroring system from Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS
  • CleverMessage – Thirdly, send your signage to your Clevertouch UX Pro in an instant – For example, alerts, photos, videos and news are all available
    with dozens of templates to choose from

The Clevertouch UX Pro comes with Stage Light Conferencing, CleverMessage and CleverShare

Clevertouch Features:

Clevertouch UX Pro Interactive Touchscreen 10 point Touch

Clevertouch UX Pro Interactive Touchscreen Built in Speakers

Clevertouch UX Pro

20 Finger Touch

The Clevertouch’s patented Super Glide Touch technology offers the most fluid and user friendly writing experience on a touchscreen with no lag, most interestingly.

Internal Speakers

Get the most from presentation with the powerful 2x 15 Watt built in speakers and 15 Watt sub woofer. Most importantly, with no need for expensive external speakers and unnecessary equipment

4K UHD Display

Experience more colour, better contrast and superb resolution with an 4K UHD Display from the Clevertouch UX Pro.

Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreen Andriod OS

Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreen Wifi

Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreen LUX software

Android Operating System

The built in Android OS has a number of great features including wireless presentation, whiteboarding app, browser, built in storage and lightweight video conferencing through Stage. In addition to its user friendly interface and slick design.

Integrated Wifi

Use the integrated wifi with easy to download the latest and greatest apps from the Cleverstore.

LUX Software

LUX is the most advanced and premium user interface ever built into a large-format interactive touchscreen. Most importantly, every part of LUX is dedicated to giving you the best possible experience