What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture Capture is the process of recording classroom lectures as videos with audio using cameras, microphones and a Lecture Capture platform. Once the lecture is concluded the entire lecture, video, audio and content is available for students to review.

Lecture Capture allows students to remotely attend a lecture or replay lectures they could not attend. It also lets institutions enhance courses by providing easy access to all their course materials and gives students the ability to learn at their own pace.

Tracking Cameras for Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture Cameras are designed with versatile functionality making them suitable for large Lecture Halls, training rooms and even small classrooms. We favor Vaddio and AVer Lecture Capture Cameras due their superior video quality, features and reliability.

Key Feature for Lecture Capture Cameras are:

  • Optical Quality – Ideally 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second. This provides the most lifelike images and reduces blurring. This gives the viewer the sense that they’re actually in the room with the presenter.
  • High Zoom Capability – For larger lecture halls and auditoriums a 30x zoom enables the capture of wide views of the entire room or get in close to the presenter. A 12x zoom is ideal for medium to small training rooms or classrooms
  • Connectivity – HDMI or USB3 provide ease of use. Simple Plug and Play on either a single HDMI or USB3 means you’re ready to record or live stream on the worlds leading learning management systems like Mediasite, Blackboard, Kaltura and Panopto
  • Enhanced Auto Tracking – Auto-tracking cameras are eliminating the need for expensive and logistically challenging human operated cameras. Integrating auto-tracking cameras into a Lecture Capture system gives professors and presenters the ability to walk into a room and create videos that are automatically recorded and published for live and on-demand access

Lecture Capture Tracking Camera

Microphones for Lecture Capture

When viewers log on to learning management systems like Mediasite, Blackboard, Kaltura or Panopto the audio is key. Poor video quality may still be a distraction, but one that will be often overlooked, however, if the audio is difficult to understand the viewer is likely to find the content unusable.

Sight and Sound have years of experience creating high quality audio capture solutions. Our process is to view a room, gather requirements and provide a cost effective, ease to use solution

Mircophone types that are suitable for Lecture Halls and Auditoriums and Classrooms are:

Also known as a lapel mic, these mics are small, hands-free microphones that can be worn by the presenter either on their lapel or as a headset, and which will capture high-quality audio even as he or she moves around the lecture hall or auditorium. Lavalier mics are perfect for capturing crisp, clear audio of a single presenter.
Handheld microphones are what most people think of when someone says "microphones" These mics are held by a lecturer and he or she speaks into directly. These mics can be wireless or wired. Handheld Microphones are ideal for recording quality audio of audience questions. If you want to capture a Q&A session after a presentation a handheld mic is the best say of achieving this.
Also referred to as a Podium Mic or a Gooseneck Mic are intended to sit on top of a lectern or podium where a stationary presenter will be speaking. Podium microphones are an excellent microphone option for stationary presenters who do not intend to move around during a lecture or presentation

Vaddio AV Bridge

AV Bridges allow you to capture of high-quality video and audio from a Lecture Capture camera, microphones and from an input from your laptop. An AV Bridge is designed to take your sources and combines them to create production ready lectures which can be streamed live to the likes of Youtube, Panopto or uploaded to your learning management system. These solutions also allow you to utilize AV equipment you may already have in your lecture hall or Auditorium which therefore allows you to cut the cost of a Lecture Capture system

The latest and greatest AV bridge is the Vaddio AV Bridge 2×1 which makes it simple to encode, capture and stream high-quality audio, and two HD video sources. The two HDMI inputs allow you to connect either two cameras or a camera and PC display on a platform that easily switches between sources and delivers useful picture-in-picture (PIP) video streams

Vaddio AV Bridge for Lecture Capture

The key features of the Vaddio AV Bridge 2×1 are:

  • 2 HDMI Inputs allows for switching between two cameras or a camera and PC display
  • Simultaneous outputs include USB 3.0 for conferencing and recording, HDMI for an in-room display,and IP streaming to YouTube or Facebook all with up to 1080p quality
  • Built-in automation features allows trigger devices to control camera presets, source and more
  • Store graphic overlays like a company logo or presenter name to add production value