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Over 65 years delivering home cinema installations and home cinema solutions that delight our customers. Whether your primary focus is movies, sports or gaming we know the right home cinema solution for you with stunning 4K projectors, cinema quality projection screen, vibrant audio solutions and intuitive room control solutions.

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Our Home Cinema AV Technologies

Home Cinema Projectors

Capture the cinema experience from the comfort of your own home. Stunning 4K Projectors that reproduce how the director wanted the movie to be seen. If you love the pure, super high quality film and video experience, nothing can beat a 4K Projector

Home Cinema Audio

Finding the right audio solution to get the most out of your space is important. We have vast experience in the very best in audio including HiFi amplifiers and speakers, AV Receivers, and 5.1 surround sound speaker kits. Amazing sound, stylish design

Room Control Solutions

From home theater to home automation, a room control solution empowers your home with intuitive control when you want it and seamless automation when you don’t want to worry about it. Fully customizable and personized to you the right room control solution makes your entertainment experience seemless

Our Home Cinema Installation Services

Home Cinema Design

With every home cinema installation our team takes into consideration what will work best for you. Design, functionality and budget are always top of our list when creating the best solution for you, we have the experience and skills to work with any size space to create a stunning experience with a sleek look.

We will advise you on the best in both video and audio solutions to best match your needs and your budget.

Home Cinema Installation

Over the last 25 years of home cinema installations we’ve delivered every solution you can think of, large format TV, projection, Surround Sound Systems, LED displays, Multi Room Audio, AVoIP, and room control to tie it all together. Our focus is to always deliver a home cinema solution that delivers the quality you expect, that is reliable and represents good value for your money. We configure and test all of your equipment before installation day so we can complete the work with minimal disruption to your home.

Providing you Control and Support

Room Control Design

With the right room control solution for your home cinema you get an elegant, intuitive and easy to use solution to make your entertainment hassle free. Control your projector, AV receiver, our sources, the lights and your blinds. We have extensive experience in creating a intuitive look and free to control all your home cinema equipment. Watch a movie at the push of a button.

Support and Maintenance

Excellent technical support is something we pride ourselves on. We ensure all of our technical staff is trained in the solutions we deliver to ensure that we can effectively respond to the needs of our customers.

We offer a broad range of maintenance ​​​​​​​services designed to support your needs. Our maintenance packages help protect your Home Cinema AV system by providing swift solutions to ensure your entertainment is never disturbed

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Home Cinema AV

“With over 65 years experience working with the highest quality Audio Visual solutions we have the expertise to deliver solutions that will knock your socks off.”

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