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At Sight and Sound, we take pride in offering our clients exceptional quality home cinema audio systems that deliver an immersive and captivating audio experience. Our experienced team have a keen understanding of the importance of audio in enhancing the overall cinematic experience. We provide a wide range of home cinema audio solutions that cater for all setups and environments. We have established partnerships with the highest quality brands which allows us to provide the best equipment at competitive prices.

Our highly skilled team of technicians will take care of your installation process. They will ensure that all components are set up and calibrated accurately to provide the best possible audio experience. With our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that your home cinema will be fined-tuned to perfection, providing you an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Our Best Selling Home Cinema Audio Systems 

Marantz NR1711 AV Receiver

Hear the most musical sound from an elegantly slim profile. The Marantz NR1711 AV receiver drives immersive, high-fidelity audio from a compact chassis. At half the height of a traditional AV receiver, the NR1711 supports multi-dimensional audio formats Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualisation Technology, DTS:X, and DTS Virtual:X.

Polk Signature Elite Series

Polk’s Signature Elite Series takes your movies, music, and games to the next level with hyper-realistic sound that comes from 50 years of audio engineering expertise. Available in bookshelf, tower and subwoofers, Polk speakers are as great sounding as they look.

Marantz NR1510 AV Receiver

Enjoy the most musical performance from a compact, slim chassis. At half the height of a traditional AV receiver, the Marantz NR1510 delivers the musical sound that’s synonymous with Marantz. This beautifully designed receiver handles all your 4k signals and audio distribution  leaving you to enjoy the experience.

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Anatomy of a Home Cinema

Home Cinema FAQs

A home cinema is a dedicated space or setup in a home that is designed to replicate the experience of a movie theater. It typically a home cinema projector, projection screen, high-quality audio system, and comfortable seating, allowing you to enjoy movies, TV shows, and sports in a cinematic environment.

A home cinema offers several benefits, including:

  • Immersive experience: You can enjoy movies and shows with a home cinema projector, larger screen and surround sound, providing a more immersive experience.
  • Convenience: You have the flexibility to watch your favorite content at any time without leaving your home.
  • Customization: You can customize the setup according to your preferences, including screen size, audio system, and seating arrangements.

The essential equipment for a home cinema setup includes:

  • Display: The perfect 4K UHD home cinema projector
  • Audio System: A surround sound system with speakers and a receiver is recommended for optimal audio performance.
  • Source Components: These can include Blu-ray players, streaming devices, gaming consoles, or media servers.
  • Seating: Comfortable seating options, such as recliners or a sectional sofa, enhance the viewing experience.

Surround sound is a critical feature of a home cinema audio system as it creates a three-dimensional audio experience that enhances the immersion and realism of movies, TV shoes and other content. Surround sound systems utilize multiple speakers carefully placed around the room to create a sound field that envelops the listener, replicating the way sound is heard in a movie theater or live event

While a dedicated room is ideal for a home cinema, it is not always necessary. You can set up a home cinema in a living room, basement, or any other suitable space in your home. The key is to optimize the space by controlling lighting, sound reflections, and seating placement for the best possible viewing experience.

To optimize audio and video quality in a home cinema:

  • Calibrate your display and audio system to ensure accurate color reproduction and sound balance.
  • Consider room acoustics and add sound-absorbing materials or acoustic treatments to minimize echo and sound reflections.
  • Use high-quality cables and connections to maintain signal integrity.
  • Position speakers correctly, considering the recommended angles and distances for optimal sound staging.
  • Ensure proper lighting control in the room to minimize glare and maximize contrast on the screen.
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As an Irish company based in Stillorgan, Dublin, Sight and Sound brings you the full cinematic experience right to your doorstep. Our knowledgeable team understands the unique needs and preferences of the local market, ensuring that we provide tailored solutions for your home cinema