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If you’re in search of a sophisticated and user-friendly solution to manage your conference rooms or meeting spaces, look no further than our cutting-edge room control solutions. With features like scheduling, automation, and streamlined workflows, our systems provide the ultimate convenience for busy professionals. Our advanced technology ensures that you can effortlessly control all aspects of your AV equipment, from projectors to displays, audio systems to lighting. In addition, our room control solutions are designed to provide you with the flexibility to adapt with changing needs and technologies. So why struggle with the complexities of room control when you can experience the convenience and productivity of our innovative room control solutions? Choose our solutions today and see the difference for yourself!

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Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage displays can showcase multimedia content and engage audiences in a dynamic way. Plus, they can be remotely managed for real-time updates. With this technology, you can easily captivate your audience with visually appealing and informative content that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Digital signage is a modern and effective tool for businesses to communicate with their audiences. With its ability to display dynamic multimedia content, including images, videos, text, and animations, it can be used for various purposes such as advertising, wayfinding, information dissemination, and branding. Whether it’s in public places across Ireland like airports and shopping centres or in corporate offices and retail stores, digital signage provides an eye-catching and engaging way to convey information to customers and visitors. Moreover, with its remote management feature, businesses can easily update and modify content in real-time, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution for multiple locations and screens. By utilising digital signage, Irish businesses can enhance their marketing efforts and create a memorable experience for their audience.

Digital Signage Solutions
Digital Signage Solutions 4k

Why BrightSign Digital Signage Players?

If you’re in the market for a dependable digital signage solution for your business or organisation in Ireland, BrightSign’s digital signage players are a top choice. They’re the global market leader and have shipped over 1 million players to date, thanks to their slim OS and powerful features that offer exceptional video quality.

With BrightSigns proprietary software, BrightAuthor, you can easily create dynamic presentations by simply dragging and dropping content into a playlist. Updating players around the world is made simple with one-click functionality through BrightSign Network. And with multiple networking options available, including integration with market-leading CMS solutions, you’ll have plenty of flexibility.

What really sets BrightSign apart is their superior video quality. Their dual decoding and scaling capabilities ensure that Full HD and 4K Dolby Vision and HDR10+ video content, including live TV, is delivered with pristine quality. And with a dependable solid-state platform, you can trust that your digital signage will always be up and running when you need it.

BrightSign is a reliable and high-quality digital signage solution for your Irish business or organisation.

Our Most Popular Models

Brightsign HD1025

Digital Signage Solutions 4k

The BrightSign HD1025 is the perfect solution for high-end digital signage installations, with its 4K Ultra HD video playback at 60 frames per second, versatile connectivity options, and advanced features such as live video input and IP streaming. Its powerful graphics engine can render complex 3D graphics and video overlays, enhancing the visual appeal of your content. The HD1025 supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision for superior colour and contrast, ensuring that your content looks stunning on any display.

Brightsign LS425

Digital Signage Solutions 4k

The BrightSign LS425 is a compact yet powerful digital signage player that delivers high-quality Full HD video playback at 1080p60 resolution. Its dual-display support and Ethernet connectivity provide easy network management, while interactive features like touch screens and motion sensors enhance viewer engagement. If you’re looking for a reliable and versatile digital signage solution that combines compact size with exceptional video quality, the BrightSign LS425 is an excellent choice.

Brightsign HD225

Digital Signage Solutions 4k

The BrightSign HD225 is a cost-effective and reliable digital signage player that delivers Full HD video playback at 1080p resolution. Its flexible connectivity options, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, and rugged metal enclosure make it ideal for commercial environments. With a 3-year warranty, the HD225 is a smart choice for businesses seeking a durable and long-lasting audio visual technology solution for their digital signage needs.

Optoma Quad LED Display

QUADZilla 163″ all-in-one QUAD LED Displays

The award winning QUADZilla Full HD 163″ and FHDQ130 Full HD 130″ LED Displays from Optoma delivers a stunning all-in-one solution capable of high-end performance in any education, corporate, retail and signage applications.

An industry-leading built-in scaler switcher provides a wide range of connectivity and control options such as dual HDMI, USB, RS232 and HDBaseT. In addition, users can take advantage of Optoma’s Control Q application to control the display from a smartphone or tablet.

Key Features

  • Stunning Full HD Display
  • Wide viewing angle of 170 degrees
  • Eco Friendly

Datapath Video Wall Controllers

Datapath Fx4 Video Wall Controller

The Datapath Fx4 is a powerful stand alone display controller that supports a choice of inputs, outputs in either DisplayPort or HDMI and high bandwidth loop-through output allowing users to link multiple devices for expansion.

Advancements in digital signage allow much greater freedom in creating and deploying any scale signage projects. At the forefront of this is the Datapath Fx4, a multi-faceted stand alone display controller

Key Features

  • Infinite creative configurations
  • UHD / 4K60 input, four HD 1080p outputs
  • Rotates, crops, scales, mirrors and bezel corrects
  • Network or USB interfaces allow platform independent control
  • True stand-alone operation
Digital Signage Solutions 4k

LightScene™ Accent Lighting Laser Projectors

Digital Signage Solutions

The Evolution of Spatial Design

Unleash your creativity with LightScene laser projectors. Create immersive lighting displays for your audience. The LightScene™ Accent Lighting Laser Projectors are perfect for commercial and public spaces. They have a sleek design that blends seamlessly into any environment. Ideal for retail, hospitality, museums, and art installations. The projectors use laser technology for vivid colours. They offer advanced features like built-in media players, network connectivity, and easy mobile device control. They provide flexible mounting options for ceiling and floor. You can easily adjust the projectors to create desired lighting effects. LightScene™ Accent Lighting Laser Projectors are the innovative solution for stunning lighting displays in any commercial or public setting.