A new classroom for the new normal with Epson Interactive Projectors

Epson EB-685Wi Interactive Projector Bundle

This Epson interactive bundle is an innovative pen-interactive teaching solution with a large 83 inch Smit Visual screen and high quality classroom speakers, designed to enhance collaborative learning. An intuitive cable management connection box keeps the classroom tidy. No more trip hazards and no more nests of messy cables. The Epson WiFi dongle allows wirelessly connectivity from Android and Apple devices. Utilising this feature promotes collaboration in the classtoom.

What’s Included?

  • Epson EB-685Wi Interactive Projector
  • 83″ Smit Visual UST Matte White Whiteboard
  • WiFi Dongle for Wireless Presentation
  • Epson Classroom Speakers
  • Control Box
  • Spare Lamp
  • 5 Year On Site Warranty

Key Features

  • Hassle-free interactive presenting
  • Enhanced connectivity
  • Large scale interactive presenting
  • No reflections
  • Unrestricted viewing
  • Gentle on the eye

Why Epson Interactive Projectors?

When you’re choosing the right display there’s a lot to consider. Achieving the optimum display to ensure the audience can see the content is critical to delivering successful presentations. A key advantage of Epson interactive projectors is large displays for a fraction of the cost of interactive flat panels without compromising on quality.

Epson Interactive Projectors Classroom Bundle

58% of students can’t read content on a 70-inch flat panel display3

Advanced interactive teaching solution

Epson education projectors offer dual pen interactivity with a new pen design for comfortable writing and a choice of hard or soft tips, as well as finger-touch interactivity.

All interactive models have extensive PC-free annotation functions and enhanced moderator function, as well as split-screen capabilities and ultra-wide multiscreen interactivity

Intuitive and easy to use
All our interactive teaching solutions have extensive connectivity options that are simple to set up and use, with comprehensive features and apps to make sharing information easy and engaging. From fast connection to students’ PCs to wireless access for smartphones and tablets, they add engagement and involvement to any learning environment
Encourages imagination
Academic studies have shown that interactive classroom devices such as Epson’s education projector range can help students develop significantly greater creativity, flexibility and originality, as well as improving motivation to learn, and allowing teachers to create attention-grabbing and relevant teaching materials