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F over 70 years we have delivered the latest and greatest technologies for schools and we are delighted to offer Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreens to our customers

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Our Most Popular Interactive Touchscreens for Schools

Clevertouch M-Series Interactive Touchscreen
Clevertouch IMPACT Max Interactive Touchscreen
Clevertouch M-Series Interactive Touchscreen

Available in 65″ and 75″, the Clevertouch M-Series is an intuitive and easy to use touchscreen with bundles of features that promote collaboration. With built in features, such as CleverLynx Whiteboard, Chrome Browser and Clevershare Wireless Sharing, teachers have all of the resources they need to deliver effective and engaging lessons.

Clevertouch IMPACT Max Interactive Touchscreen

With the Clevertouch IMPACT Max comes in 65″, 75″ and 86″. This touchscreen comes with a wide array of features such as Cleverstore App Store, ClevertouchLive Signage Platform and Clevershare Wireless Sharing which makes it perfect for classroom use and an excellent resource for teachers. The IMPACT Max has an easy to use and intuitive operating system built in which allows teachers and students to browse the internet, whiteboard and show Microsoft Office files all without connecting a laptop.

Interactive Touchscreen for Schools – Why choose us?

For 70 years we have been committed to providing solutions that work for our customers. We specialise in delivering top quality products for schools in a range of areas such as classrooms and school halls. Our goal is to find the balance between innovation, hassle free and value for money therefore we have delved into the world of interactive touchscreens and discovered that the range of interactive touchscreens offered by Clevertouch is best for our customers

Over 70 Years Experience

For 70 years, we have been at the forefront AV Technologies for schools, delivering the right solutions to advance the way in which our students
​​​​​​​learn, grow, and develop.

Quality Brands

We work closely with a wide range of brands to make sure we deliver the latest interactive touchscreen technologies at the most competitive price

Interactive Specialist

Interactive touchscreens for schools are a very popular solution with teachers. We deliver the latest interactive technologies for classrooms, resource rooms and school halls

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